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Wendy Simon, Acting Mayor of Liverpool

We talk to Cllr Wendy Simon who was made Acting Mayor of Liverpool in December 2020, to find out more about the woman leading Liverpool.

Tin Star: Liverpool

Liverpool is no stranger to being the star of major motion pictures and television shows and this December we’re taking centre stage in the Sky original drama, Tin Star: Liverpool - We sat down with Alison Jackson, who is the Executive Producer for Tin Star, to talk about why they choose move to Liverpool for series 3 and how they found it.

Surviving Covid-19

Graham’s been to some scary places, but this is the scariest place he’s ever been.

Mayoral Q&A - Liverpool enters tier-3 coronavirus restrictions

Liverpool has entered tier-3 of the new coronavirus restrictions. Mayor Anderson was joined by health experts and business leaders in a special live Q&A to find out what the new restrictions will mean for residents and businesses in Liverpool ahead of the restrictions kicking in.

Roger and out!

After 42 years at Radio Merseyside, legendary phone-in presenter Roger Phillips turned off his mic for the last time on 28 August. In this episode, Roger shares his memorable guests, explains how the phone-in works behind the scenes, and tells us how he felt about the reaction to this retirement announcement.


Around 10 million workers in the UK have been unable to do their jobs because of covid-19 and they have so far benefited from the furlough scheme, which essentially means the government is paying the majority of their wages and redundancies can be avoided but with the scheme set to end on the 31st of October, what does that mean for workers? And what does it mean for employers who have real concerns about covering the costs when it's anything but business as usual at the moment.

Let’s Get Physical

We talk to two fitness professionals who embraced lockdown and went virtual with their classes. Leading Liverpool personal trainer Richie Swan and Natalie Butler who spotted a gap in the market and opened the city’s first over barre studio talk about how it has changed their profession, how physical and mental wellbeing go hand in hand and whether gyms reopening signal the end of this new normal.

Be Our Guest

As lockdown restrictions continue to be eased, the latest relaxation means parts of the hospitality sector can reopen their doors. We caught up with two award winning restaurant and deli owners who talk frankly about their lockdown experience and the stark reality they now face as a result of the health pandemic.

Racism – Why History Matters

In this episode Liverpool’s first black Lord Mayor, Councillor Anna Rothery, joins Bristol City Council’s Deputy Mayor Councillor Asher Craig to talk about the response their respective cities have shown to the Black Lives Matter campaign, their own personal experiences of racism and what plans are in place for each city to tackle racial inequality.

Liverpool’s Year of Reading

In this episode, we speak to Cllr Barbara Murray, Liverpool City Council’s cabinet member for education employment and skills, and the driving force behind #Liverpoolreads.

Opening Up

It’s been ten weeks since the UK went in to full lockdown, but with the easing of restrictions there is a glimmer of light at the end of the long Covid-19 tunnel....

View from the Frontline

This episode gives you the inside story from those on the frontline of fighting Covid-19. We hear from two nurses who have been caring for coronavirus patients as the pandemic reached Liverpool and the dark, difficult days that followed.

Liverpool life after lockdown

We talk to Professor Michael Parkinson who has chartered Liverpool's history to find out how he thinks a post-coronavirus Liverpool will look like for residents and businesses.

Joining up with Roger McGough

2020 is also Liverpool’s Year of Reading so as well as speaking to Roger about reading and writing he gives us advice on how to get reluctant readers to pick up a book.

Liverpool’s Coronavirus Community Spirit

Liverpool’s community spirit is in full force with 3,000 volunteers committed to tackling the coronavirus challenge but who is doing all the work behind the scenes? What will the volunteers really do for our communities and does this new initiative contradict national guidance to stay at home?

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Liverpool update

Following the Government’s announcement that the country is now in the delay phase, we look at the updated guidance and what people should do to keep themselves safe.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Liverpool Prepares

This episode looks at what it really means for the city, what plans are being put in place to keep people healthy and how organisations are working together to keep the city running.

China in Our Hands

Liverpool is home to the oldest Chinese community in Europe, dating back to 1834 when Chinese immigrants arrived at the port but what does it mean today and is the relationship standing the test of time?

What has Europe ever done for Liverpool?

As a city that decisively voted to remain in the EU, Liverpool is coming to terms with being part of a post-Brexit UK. What does this new era mean for the city, and was Liverpool ever really that reliant on Europe and the EU in the first place?

Mind over matter

It’s a new year and the time when we set our intentions for the year ahead. But should our main resolutions be to look after and be kinder to ourselves?

The most wonderful time of the year?

It’s a time of year we associate with happiness, over-indulgence, family and friends. But for a large number of people, it’s anything but a magical time, and can feel like the loneliest time of the year.

Who runs the world?

Latest reports show just six female CEOs run the UK’s largest companies but when it comes to Liverpool’s cultural organisations - the majority of them are run by women. We talk to three of those women to try and find out why Liverpool's culture scene is bucking the trend.

Thinking differently

ADHD –or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder to give it its full name - is a medical condition which affects many people. In recent years it has become better understood, but how far have we really come?

Homelessness - The story of our streets

The city council is fiercely proud of how it tackles the problem – investing more than £20m a year to support people and families in crisis - ut the city council needs support - both homelessness and rough sleeping in the city are on the rise.

Hatches, matches and dispatches

In this episode we're going to chat to a team that play a part in some of the most important moments in people's lives, the Registrar's team.

Littlewoods Building - The past, present and future

The Littlewoods Building has a bright future ahead as the Hollywood studios of the north, but it’s own history is worthy of a star-turn on the silver screen.

Mersey Waves Budget Special

Sometimes it can seem as a city council we send out mixed messages. We talk about savings and austerity but then on the other hand we announce major investment projects or cultural events. Does it really add up?

Libraries - Are they on 'borrowed' time?

We're living in a time when the tide of austerity has not turned. This means we need to think differently about libraries and the service they offer to residents and visitors.

Is the Liverpool music scene too Beatles - centric?

Is Liverpool a one-trick pony when it comes to its music scene and is the city too Beatles-centric?

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